Alexandria Metropolitan Area Businesses Need SEO – Internet Marketing Services – To Successfully Compete Online

Potential customers of Alexandria, VA metro area businesses no longer use the yellow page phone books and newspapers to find what they want to buy. Businesses’ customers today search the internet using Google, Bing or Yahoo for the goods and services they want to buy. In other words, an Internet Marketing Service has become important to businesses so they can successfully replace traditional methods of advertising with online campaigns. One of the first places to start is just showing up in the search engine results for specific keyword search terms relevant to that business’s goods or services. That is why Alexandria SEO Digital Marketing services is so important to Alexandria and surrounding area businesses.

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Being a business in a suburb of Washington, DC means that a business in Alexandria is quite often not only competing against businesses in Arlington, Fairfax,  Woodbridge, Tyson’s Corner and Leesburg, Virginia but also against Washington, DC and the Maryland suburbs, like Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties, Rockville and Silver Spring. Therefore, the challenge for such local businesses in this marketplace is even more daunting. That is why Alexandria, Virginia – Search Engine Optimization services is so important if a business is to compete successfully online.

An Expert Search Engine Optimization Marketing Consultant

Alexandria area businesses which do not have a proper website presence on the internet have a difficult time being found in the search engine results. That means customers looking for that business’s products or services will not find them when they do a Google search. Of course if customers cannot find that business on the internet, then that business will probably not be in business very long. That is where an Alexandria based expert marketing consultant can help local businesses with getting found in the search results.

As a business owner you cannot just rely on having a website for your company and expect to get lots of customers finding you. The days of just putting up a site on the internet and getting found are over. The search engines like Google are requiring business websites to meet several requirements to even be included in the search results for a particular search term, this is often referred to as being SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.


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If you, as a business owner do not understand what the search engines requirements are AND how to meet them, the odds of Google showing your website in the search results is not very good. In order to be considered compliant in Google’s eyes, you need to have a Search Engine Optimized website.


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Search Engine Optimization, also referred to as SEO, is both an art and a science. Not only does a properly set up website need certain features, but it takes some creativity as well to get the attention of the various search engines. This is because there are normally multiple businesses competing for the prime page one spot in the search results. Therefore, your website needs to stand out and be relevant in Google’s eyes.

If all the businesses in a given category want to be found for that same product or service, they have to show Google they are the MOST relevant website for a specific search term. Quite often to get that result in a crowded marketplace, one needs to be creative to have their website featured in the search results shown. That’s where a knowledgeable digital marketing agency can help to find the right terms a business can use to show up in the search engine results. So SEO Alexandria Digital Marketing services of the Blue Net 360 agency can help metropolitan area businesses show up and compete on page one of Google.

Alexandria Media Consultant – Methods To Use To Get Found In The Search Results

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There are several different ways for a business to get found on the web when customers search for your product or service.

1. A business can pay Google to show their business’ ad. This is known as PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. To use this type of advertising, a business bids on a particular keyword phrase, also known as a search term. Basically, whoever bids the most gets their ad shown at the highest spot for that search term. Generally, the type of ad being displayed is a text only ad without any images or graphics.

2. Another method of being found is to run banner advertisements on subject matter related websites. When your preferred keyword(s) are searched in Google, the website you are running your ad on shows up in the search results. The potential customer clicks that website’s search listing where your ad is waiting to be shown. For instance you have a health product or service and you run your banner ad on When a potential customer sees your ad they can click it if it grabs their attention.  Most of these types of ads have images or pictures but you can sometimes have text only ads as well. You are paying to have your ad shown on that particular website whether you make a sale or not.

3. Showing up in the Organic search results is probably the most popular method of most businesses because you, the business owner, are not having to pay someone like Google or a website who has you ad, to get your site found. This is where having SEO skills really comes in handy, because without them, the likelihood of your website showing up on the first page of Google for your keyword(s) is not very good.

Because it takes various types of content to get Google’s attention, having a good media consultant who understands Alexandria SEO Digital Marketing is imperative.

What To Do If Your Alexandria Area Business Needs SEO Internet Marketing Service Help

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Expert SEO Internet Marketing Service For Alexandria Metropolitan Area Businesses

If you as the business owner do not have a background in Search Engine Optimization, then you need to do one of the following:

1. Learn how to do SEO Digital marketing yourself. Of course if you choose to do this, then you will have a lot less time to spend on your business. You need to be prepared to spend lots of time learning how to do this properly and hope you don’t do something to get your site penalized or worse yet banned from the search engine index.

2. Hire an in-house marketing manager who hopefully knows how to do Search Engine Optimization AND can do it well. This person will be an employee of yours and you will have to pay taxes, insurance etc. for them. Thus, they will be an ongoing expense of your business.

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3. Contract with an Alexandria Expert SEO Service like Blue Net 360 to provide you with expert Internet Marketing Services. You will get the benefit of having someone who not only has the skills and knowledge of Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing, but also stays abreast of the current developments and changes of the search engines. Yes, the search engines change their “criteria”, also known as their algorithm, periodically with little to no warning. Also, you do not have to hire another employee!

The choice is yours. Go here to find out if your business qualifies to work with Blue Net 360.